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Tricia “CK” Hoffler 


Tricia “CK” Hoffler was born in Buffalo, New York.  Destined for greatness, she began her early education in Switzerland and received her High School diploma in Toronto, Canada where she was an Ontario Scholar. Her path to excellence continued in Northampton, Massachusetts where she graduated from undergrad with honors, went on to College du Leman in Switzerland, the University of Geneva also located in Switzerland and finished at Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, DC where she earned her law degree in 1987.  CK’s education and life experiences have taken her around the world, having lived in Versoix, Switzerland, Toronto, Canada, Buffalo, New York, Washington, DC, and Norfolk, Virginia and Stuart, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia.

Legal Career

CK is currently the founder and CEO of The CK Hoffler Firm, an international law firm specializing in representing plaintiffs in opioid litigation, medical malpractice, catastrophic personal injury, civil rights, employment discrimination and global commercial transactions.  Prior to establishing The CK Hoffler Firm, CK was an equity partner at the Atlanta-based law firm of Edmond, Lindsay & Hoffler and before that, she was a partner at the Florida-based law firm of Gary, Williams, et al., where she worked alongside another nationally renowned trial lawyer, Willie Gary, and managed the commercial litigation practice for 13 years. She is licensed to practice law in Georgia, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Florida. CK manages litigation in state and federal courts, from coast to coast in the US and around the world.

Bar Service

CK has been a consistent supporter of the National Bar Association (“NBA”) for over 20 years, and has served as its General Counsel, a Board Member, CLE Presenter, NBA Convention Co-Chair, Fundraiser and she has received numerous NBA Presidential and other awards. In addition to being a Life Member of the NBA, CK is currently a member of the American Bar Association, the Gate City Bar Association and the Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys. CK’s knowledge and expertise in every aspect of trial litigation makes her a coveted lecturer for these and other bar associations across the U.S. She has a reputation of answering every call unless she has an irreconcilable conflict and she generously gives of her time and talent for the benefit of her colleagues near and afar.

Advocacy & Litigation

A service-oriented attorney, CK’s community involvement includes providing pro bono services and counsel, and extensive lecturing on First Amendment matters, civil rights cases, international matters and cases that have a disproportionate adverse impact on the African American community. She has represented civil rights activist Jesse Jackson and his organizations on a pro bono basis for 30 years and she has worked on significant civil rights cases that have resulted in bringing much needed justice for African American citizens. For example, CK served as counsel in a class action lawsuit on behalf of 4,800 African-American and Latino civil service workers against the State of New York, known as Simpson v. State of New York. This case resulted in a historic settlement for the plaintiffs in 2010 and forced the elimination of the “battery test” as a basis for promotion within the ranks of civil servants in New York. The battery test, when implemented, precluded thousands of African-American and Latino civil servants from being promoted because it was deemed to be a discriminatory and biased test. Thus, its elimination was a major victory towards addressing the discrimination that existed in the civil service in New York at that time.

Leadership & Experience

CK is a nationally renowned trial lawyer whose 32 years of experience, leadership, litigation and negotiation skills have led to settlements and lawsuits of over eight hundred million dollars ($800,000,000) in her robust practice. She has also managed several commercial cases involving up to a billion dollars and served as a trial lawyer on various other high-profile cases. Her advocacy, leadership and experience in these cases has enabled her to become adept in engaging with the press and garnering media attention when causes require it. A combination of the foregoing education, skills, leadership, service and experience from coast to coast, in addition to her ability to make, manage and raise money, makes CK undoubtedly the best candidate to lead the national organization that the NBA is.

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