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R.I.P. Honorable Damon J. Keith

I join the country in mourning the loss of the Honorable Damon J. Keith. He served as a jurist with distinction and made an indelible mark on this country and on the world. From blazing trails as an extraordinary trial lawyer, to changing the fabric of Michigan and the nation through his landmark opinions from the bench, Judge Keith will always be remembered.

On a personal note, almost 20 years ago, Judge Keith performed the ceremony to admit Willie Gary, our legal team and me to the Unites States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan. I remember that day vividly as Judge Keith graciously welcomed us into his chambers and talked about the history of his court, its evolution and his journey in making a difference. Although we had known Judge Keith for many years through the NBA, at that moment, we knew we were in the presence of greatness and listened to a living legend who was dedicated to raising the bar for practicing lawyers and judges, especially African-American jurists.

We thank Judge Keith for his extraordinary service and for always raising the bar. May he Rest In Peace in God’s embrace.

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