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CK’s vision as candidate for President Elect of the

 NBA has 3 major components

• Execute a robust capital campaign to stabilize the NBA financially and strengthen its infrastructure;

• Enhance NBA membership, affiliates and sections through improved learning opportunities, increased collaborative measures such as promoting economic opportunities for members by working with financial institutions and other corporate partners; and

• Elevate the collective voice of the NBA and advance its mission via election protection and legislative advocacy before and during the 2020 election cycle.


CK's service to the NBA for over 20 years has been defined by hard work, financial contributions, and unbridled service. The following summarizes 

some of her service:

• General Counsel to President Kim Keenan – 2004-5

• Member of Board of Governors – 2004-5

• Life Member of the NBA for close to 2 decades

• Co-Chair of the Atlanta convention

• Fundraiser and financial supporter – CK has raised and donated over $500,000personally (including corporate contributions directly facilitated by her) over the years including:

• NBA CLE participation over the past 2 decades in various areas including trial strategies • personal injury • medical negligence • health law • tobacco litigation • opioid crisis • commercial litigation • civil rights • election protection • Silicon Valley • diversity and inclusion • every aspect of litigation trial masters skills and military matters to name a few.

• Mentoring – CK currently mentors roughly 50 young and mid-level lawyers in Georgia and throughout the country.

• Trial and Litigation Advisor – CK served on a select committee under President Drayton’s leadership that advised the leadership on pending litigation.

• Awards and Recognition – CK has received over 20 awards and recognitions from the NBA and its affiliates including some of the highest recognitions accorded to a lawyer for leadership and excellence in the profession.  CK will be inducted into the Hall of Fame of the NBA affiliate chapter Gate City Bar Association in November of 2019.  

• Current Service

  • Sponsor and contributor to several affiliate, section and region conferences and events

  • Member of President-Elect Alfreda Robinson’s Capital Campaign Committee

  • NBA Mid-year chair of Gertrude Rush

  • Chair of Election Protection Effort for President-Elect Alfreda Robinson

  • Member, Present-Elect Alfreda Robinson’s Executive Transition Team

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